• IMnet® LAN/WAN Cabling Enclosure - unique design maximizes the open area available to bring in cables especially in the two areas most used for cable entry-at the rear of the rack and at the sides
  • Pioneer Series Enclosures - Designed for maximum flexibility and functionality
  • Quicksilver Series Enclosures - a multi-dimensional, easily reconfigurable enclosure system
  • MINI MAX Series Wall-Mount Enclosures

Bud Industries
  • Designer Series Cabinets - Economizer, Series 60, Series 2000, Classic II & LPR Series Enclosures
  • Application Series Cabinets - Co-Location, Distribution, LX-4600, LX-4700, Seismic, Turnkey Cabinet Assy, Server, 19"/23" Equipment, & UL/NEMA 12 Enclosures
  • Wall-Mount Boxes & Cabinets

Cooper B-Line
  • Access Cabinet System - Features open architecture construction with no corner postswhich allows for quick and easy removal of all side panels and doors to completely expose the open frame for installation of cable and/or equipment.
  • E² Enclosures - includes File Server Cabinets, Seismic Zone 4 Cabinets, Standard Vertical Cabinets, Wide Body Cabinets, Wall Mounts and a complete offering of accessories.
  • TF Wall Mount Boxes - designed for small office and home network systems, as well as audio/visual centers.

Damac Products
  • DELUXE SERIES - Combines Versatility, economy & reliability into a sleek & completely scalable cabinet. Perfect for medium-sized servers & patch panels. (800lb capacity)
  • AXIS SERIES - Perfect for servers, switches, patch panels, etc. Embraces superior strength & reliability in a high value equipment-ready design. (1000lb. capacity)
  • AXIS CO-LOCATION SERIES - A secure, multi-compartment server cabinet specifically designed for a co-location environment. (1000lb capacity)
  • CableAxis™ SERIES - Designed for applications that require an aggressive cable management solution. (1000lb capacity)
  • EXTREME SERIES - Developed for larger servers & equipment densities. Meets ZONE 4 requirements. (2000lb capacity)
  • DUAL SWING WALL MOUNT - Standard & Heavy-Duty
  • TransIT™ WALL BOX - Ideal solution for housing remote data transfer equipment. (100lb capacity)

  • Advantage Series - designed and built for the future of your datacomm network. They have a 1200-lb. capacity with truss rails.
  • Magnitude VII Series - built to withstand a 7.1 Richter Scale earthquake. It has earned the Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 Certificate of Compliance.
  • CableLogic Series - offers generous options in cable management with a new 30" wide frame design.
  • Wallbox Series - able to swing away from the wall, offering you convenient access to all your equipment from both the front and rear.
  • Guardian Series - The Guardian combines the functionality of a wall mounted cabinet with revolutionary safety features.

Great Lakes
  • ENHANCED SERIES - provide a feature-rich enclosure for housing telecommunication equipment, computer hardware, LAN equipment and other electronic equipment.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SERIES - protect your sensitive equipment in harsh environments.
  • File Server & Co-Location Enclosures
  • Wall Mount Enclosures

  • PROLINE® Voice/Data, Co-Location & Server Cabinets
  • SOHO Cabinets for small office environments
  • Seismic & Networking Cabinets
  • COMLINE® Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Double-Hinged Type 1 & Type 12 Enclosures

  • Premise Networking Cabinets - specifically designed to house datacom equipment and large bundles of cable
  • Server Cabinets - Provide a secure, reliable housing for critical network equipment
  • QuadCab® Wall Mount Cabinets - available in 24", 36" or 48" heights in either a black or white finish with solid or window door options. Mobile base option for floor mount installation
  • REBOX® Wall Mount Boxes - specifically designed for housing remote and network equipment

Southwest Data Products
  • File Server Cabinets
  • Patch Panel Frame & Modem Rack Frame Cabinets
  • Sub-D Wall Boxes
  • LDF Wall Cabinets - Provide a secure, reliable housing for critical network equipment